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Privacy Policy


Arreola is committed to securing the privacy of our customers and anyone using our website or any Arreola online services according to the EU directive (EU) 2016/680.

The personal information you give to Arreola (2864033-3) will only be used for the purpose for which you have given consent to (for example fulfilling online orders). We will not use the personal information for any other purpose than what you have given consent to. You have the right to request to know what personal data has been collected. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

What information do we collect?

We collect personal information only with your consent. We get the information when an order is placed. The received information is not handed over to the parties outside the web service or outside the EU. The service provider can, however, hand over the information to the public officers according to the effective legislation.

Personal data

Arreola collects personal data and non-personal data when our website are used. Data (personal and non-personal) is collected when you, for example, visit our website and scroll through the pages, place an order or use other functions in our online store or contact our customer service. The personal data you forward to Arreola includes, but is not limited to: contact information, and payment details. All personal data that we receive and collect is submitted by the user. Non-personal data includes, but is not limited to: IP address, browser type, number of visits and search words used. The non-personal data is collected so that we can improve our services.

How is the personal data used?

Arreola uses collected personal data to:

  • Process orders that are placed through our online services

  • Provide tracking information for order shipments

  • To contact you in case of any problems concerning your order

  • To provide customer service 

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